Curriculum Vitae

Born in Absam, Tyrol, Austria, on September 23, 1946

Married, four children


Studies in agriculture at the University for Soil Science, Vienna

Practical work during university studies on a mixed holding in Austria (horticulture/pig breeding), and two-month traineeship on a dairy farm in Nyköping, Sweden

Doctorate as Dr rer.nat.oec. in November 1978

Professional career

1973-1979: University assistant in the Department of Regional Agricultural Planning at the Institute for Farm Management in Vienna

Scientific lead of several research projects

Scientific consultant in several project groups in public service

University lecturer

1979-1984: Management assistant in the Tyrol Chamber of Agriculture, responsible for culture and education, land use planning, environmental protection and various other matters

Author of many research papers and articles

1985-1989: Director of the Chamber of Agriculture

Board Member of ALPI dairy factory and Board Director of Raiffeisen Bank, Tyrol

1989-1994: Federal Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Main achievements during this period include the preparation of the Austrian agriculture and forestry sector to join the EU and negotiations on the membership treaty. The Austrian agricultural system needed a general reform and a re-orientation of sales markets was conducted.

Numerous publications, TV debates, interviews and key note speeches fall in this time.

1990 and 1994: elected Member of the Austrian National Parliament (Nationalrat)

1995-1999: Member of the Commission responsible for agriculture and rural development

Key achievements include:

- Managing the BSE crisis

- Agenda 2000

- Reform of the vegetable and fruit sector

- Reform of olive trade regulations

- Reform of wine trade regulations

- Many international treaties and accords

1999-2004: Member of the Commission responsible for agriculture, rural development and fisheries

Key achievements include:

- Reform of the agricultural sector 2003

- Reform of fisheries policies

- European lead negotiator in agricultural negotiations in DOHA round

- Many international treaties and accords

from 2005: Executive Director of Franz Fischler Consult GmbH

Director of the eco-social forum and the global marshall plan initiative

Consultant for the Croatian government during EU membership negotiations (until 2010)

Chairman of RISE-Foundation, Brussels

Consultant for several governments and OECD

Visiting lecturer at three universities

Extensive lectures and key note speeches in Austria and internationally


Eight honorary doctorates

High ranking Austrian medal for special merits

Various other awards