Engagement – Advice – Education

Franz Fischler Consult GmbH was founded in 2004 under the direction of Franz Fischler and is based in Absam/Tyrol. The consultancy offers companies, public organisations and non-profit making bodies its wide-ranging expertise, based on specialist knowledge and many years of political experience in the Austrian and pan-European sphere.

Franz Fischler Consult is involved in the following areas:


Well-founded opinions and information from one source

Able to observe Austrian affairs from the outside, background knowledge and a wide political experience inform his lectures, analyses, commentaries and discussion. Within the debate on current issues, he provides food for thought, makes important observations and demonstrates alternatives.


Wider options - gained from experience and knowledge

Governments and multinationals trust the expert knowledge and advice provided by Franz Fischler Consult. They can then make the most of their room to manoeuvre and assess the available options more effectively. Institutions and companies can discover new ways forward, learn to take advantage of the available networks, benefit from inside knowledge and gain insights into the social and political processes at national and international level.


Knowledge forms the basis for the future

An insiders' view of European politics, based on actual examples, and an ability to engage in dialogue, are fundamental prerequisites for visiting professorships − both within Austria and internationally − on a wide range of European issues.

The design for the office was the work of Eleonor Friedrich, Ernst Friedrich and Andy Stewart. This artists' co-operative exemplifies the unifying but non-standardising direction of the European concept.